Our advantages

Customer satisfaction is Veolid’s top priority, achieved by delivering superior service with our ever-present philosophy of putting the customer first

Our location

Our US headquarters are based in the beautiful state of Alaska, but our partners are located all over the country

Our mission

Our mission is to build a truly strong and friendly relationship with our partners, and to make cooperation beneficial for everyone

As a retailer, we resell products of those brands with which we have an agreement. Each of these products becomes our area of responsibility. Our task is to ensure that sales of each product become an example for the rest.

About Veolid Inc.

Our mission is to build long-term relationships with our partners and develop various e-commerce projects. We strive to expand the markets in which we sell our services.

Building the Future

Veolid Inc.

We are a group of enthusiasts from different countries united by the desire to enter the US market with our unusual solutions in the field of product promotion, SEO optimization, and business expansion through e-commerce opportunities

Seo optimization

The importance of a competent approach to the choice of product advertising channels 

We are implementing a set of measures for external and internal optimization of a product listing to raise its position, increase traffic and attract new potential customers, thereby ensuring an increase in organic reviews, which has recently become an increasingly difficult task for new products.  These issues are handled by our team from France, whose long-term experience is an important factor in the success of product promotion

The SEO team will find three categories of keywords to use in the preparation of the product description and determine in what order to place them in the text


The main event of this year

ASD Market Week is the main event in the life of an online retailer, this is where we find our future partners. The next event where we plan to attend, is on March 24-25, 2021


MAP Policy

MAP policies are perfectly legal under U.S. antitrust laws.
The importance of MAP policy: to prevent “margin erosion”, it is necessary to comply with the pricing policy set by the brand, and we, in turn, guarantee not just compliance with the price logic, but will provide information about its compliance by other participants on the listing. This will ultimately lead to the fact that there will be no dumping and lowering of the price , which means that the product will not lose sales. We understand how important reputation is for the brand and are ready to do everything possible to support the development of the product, answer customers ‘ questions and resolve problems that arise during the use of the product.

Our Location


Veolid HQ Office

821 N ST, STE 102,
Anchorage, AK, 99501


Paris Office

Zone d’activités La Boursidière
Unnamed Road, 92350, Le Plessis-Robinson

Let’s be partners

We highly appreciate the confidence you place in us by showing your interest in our company, and we will do our best to process your request

821 N ST, STE 102,
Anchorage, AK, 99501


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